Propstream is the industry leader when it comes to nationwide data. I use this platform to pull lists of buyers & sellers in any city in the country. It is also invaluable for finding what a property is worth and that other similar homes like it have sold for in the area. I could not […]

Speed to Lead

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I have been using Freedomsoft since it came out in 2009. Why do I love it? I am a wholesaler and not a software engineer. I don’t have to cobble a bunch of apps together to make it work like everything else out there on the market. It works right out of the box. Also, […]


PROMOCODE: davidoldsvip That code will get you 10% off.. but I don’t know how long they will leave the window open.. let me know if you have any questions! Every serious wholesaler in the country will be an Investorlift user within 12 months, I guarantee it.  [God Mode – SMS – Cutting Edge Websites – Artificial […]