At this 2 day training event that was held live in David’s Chattanooga, TN office, he pulled back the curtain on exactly how he was able to go from being broke and his house foreclosed on to owning almost 8 million dollars of real estate in a very short time using none of his own cash or credit. He likes to call this the FREE HOUSE FORMULA!

One of David’s guiding principles is “Simplicity is Scalable” and his method for buying these properties is genius in its simplicity and scalability. You can learn to do this and even teach your team to buy houses this way for you! It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be a landlord because David breaks down all of the different exit strategies and which ones are the best for each type of property and circumstance!

Coming out of the last recession, David knew that he had to find a way to purchase properties when the banks weren’t lending! He knew that the only path to real wealth was through real estate and cracked the code on how to buy property after property without having to put 20% or more down! After being asked for many years to teach EXACTLY how he did it, this event was born for one weekend only. What marketing was done, how he got ahold of the right sellers, the conversations, the negotiations and even the paperwork that was used to lock down MILLIONS of dollars in deals that continue to provide passive income that will last for generations to come!