Dispo Team Training


Have you ever experienced this…

You have a deal under contract and you should make $20,000, $30,000 or maybe even $50,000 and then you start trying to sell it and nobody wants it. Was that a problem with your deal or was it a buyer issue? Well, in this course you will be guided by the real estate industries premier “Dispositions” expert in how to understand how to sell more deals, sell them for higher assignment fees and how to make more money!

David has been hired to come and personally coach dozens of teams nationwide over the past few years and is widely recognized for his training and understanding of the psychology of a wholesale deal and how to effectively market to cash buyers in today’s market. Don’t forget, his companies were forged in the depths of the last recession so those same processes and ideas are what drove him to be at the top of all wholesale companies since 2017 when he took his local wholesaling company and went nationwide virtually.

This program is ideal for a business owner who wants to train their existing team or is looking to hire and needs to have them trained by the very best! This is the very same training that David would spend 4 days doing in his Chattanooga, TN office for his team members before getting them on the phones to start moving deals and making the cash register ring!

Don’t worry any longer about training, this system is “plug & play”. Once you hire your sales person, set them in front of the computer and let David teach them. It doesn’t matter if they have real estate experience or not, he will take them from “What is Wholesaling” all the way through “Closing The Deal”! Best of all, this is not a one time viewing. You will have access to this course FOREVER to train your team as you grow. Also included in the investment of this course is all the contracts & forms you will need as well as 2 FREE tickets to David’s next bootcamp which he holds twice a year in his Chattanooga, TN office where you can come in, meet his team and experience first hand the tips and tricks to maximize your efforts and grow your own wholesale company.