ezREIClosings – Real Estate Accelerator (aka Wholesale Academy)


Ok, it’s time to get serious and dive even deeper into real estate wholesaling and make it a business!  In this video series, follow along as David guides you through turning wholesaling into an actual business where you can work toward repeatable success.

Here, David will guide you through his marketing plan and how he reverse engineers what markets to spend his marketing dollars in to make sure that revenue is maximized.  He will explain his “Timeline of a Deal”, which he has used to train countless high volume wholesale teams nationwide on how to approach the entire wholesale process, because, “Starting With The End In Mind” is how he has built multiple successful 7 figure businesses.

Then there will be a deep dive into how to do low cost marketing and he will teach you how to ramp up the spending as your revenue increases so that you can compound 

that growth.  Are you nervous about talking to sellers? Let’s simplify that and really get to the basics of understanding why someone would sell their house at a discount and how you can best help them out of what might be a bad situation.  After that, you will learn from David, who many people call the Dispo King, how to sell these deals quickly and effectively for the highest possible assignment fees!

For a very limited time, this investment in this course also comes with 2 FREE tickets to David’s next bootcamp which he holds twice a year in his Chattanooga, TN office where you can come in, meet his team and experience first hand the tips and tricks to maximize your efforts and grow your own wholesale company.